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When each of us were born, most of us, hopefully, enjoyed one of our first adult toys while being held by our mothers: her breast. It was a warm orb of pleasure and comfort that nourished my body needs and became an emotional bonding tool for us both. She later shared with me and my sisters how much it meant to her to be able to breast feed us each and for as long as she could before she had to return to her job.

Our craving for comfort and pleasure was awakened and never ceases to compel us to satisfy our desires. Adult toys were first introduced in a consumer-vendor relationship centuries ago. As early as pre-Roman Empire times, stone and wooden dildos have been uncovered. Romans later were the first known to cover these with leather and animal intestines to provide a comfortable surface for their rudimentary adult toys. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen created the first vibrator by taking a hulled-out gourd and filling it with live honey bees. The natural urge for sexual stimulation transcends time. We can become as modern as we choose to, but the need for this fulfillment is infinite, thus the advent of adult toys Wild Secrets Sex Toys.

Online adult toys sales are continuously making strides to provide new and titillating toys that can be called experimental, but with time become preferential. (, ( A plethora of name brands provide many choices of dildos, electronic stimulators, bondage devices, leather wear, strap on/harnesses, sex machines and attachments, lubes and creams, and XXX dvd films. For those more particular with their adult toys purchases, custom replica toys to your exact specifications are now available. (

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